Board of Elections (Election Board)


The board oversees the conduct of all elections held in the county, ensuring that the elections process is conducted in an open, convenient, and impartial manner. The board registers any eligible person who wishes to vote and is responsible for all registrations for county, state, and national elections, as well as the registrations for the municipalities of the county. This office also helps persons seeking elective office with candidate filings and maintains electoral information.


The board shall consist of three regular members and two substitute members appointed by the governor from a list submitted by the county central committees representing the majority party and the principal minority party, as appropriate. Two regular members and one substitute member shall be of the majority party, and one regular member and one substitute member shall be of the principal minority party. The term of a member is four years, beginning on the first Monday in June of each year following a gubernatorial election.


  • 2:30 pm
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Election Board Office
    Community Resources Building - Lower Level
    30 Duke Street
    Prince Frederick, MD


  • Mary L. DePelteau
    • 410-535-1600, ext. 8831