Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

Calvert County Neighborhood Watch Program

The Calvert County Neighborhood Watch Program is sponsored by the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc. (CAASA), Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police, Barrack "U".  Meetings are led by  Corporal Andre Mitchell (CCSO), Detective Greg Cameron (CCSO) and D/Sgt. Kemery Hunt, MSP, Barrack "U".

The meetings  are held at the Harriet E. Brown Community Center, 901 Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick,  and begin at 6:30 pm. 

January 9, 2023
March 13, 2023

2022 Meeting dates (changed to every other month):

January 10, 2022 - Presentation from Calvert County State's Attorney's Office
March 14, 2022
May 9, 2022
July 11, 2022
September 12, 2022
November 14, 2022

The group meets to:

  • share information and concern relating to the safety of their community with other communities and law enforcement personnel
  • seek guidance on how to handle specific problems and situations within their community, and
  • stay up to date on recent trends in criminal activity.

In an effort to keep our community members informed, current crime trends will be outlined below after each meeting. In addition, the Calvert County Neighborhood Watch Program has a Facebook page.

Current Crime Trends

  • ONGOING - Thefts from vehicles, sheds and barns continue to be a problem in the county. Keep your vehicles, out buildings and homes locked at all times.
  • November 2022 
    • Maryland State Police, Barrack "U' shared information on the "Check Washing" scam.   Calvert has seen a number of these cases where a resident or local business had checks stolen, "washed" (information removed) and then re-issued in a different amount.   Law enforcement is encouraging residents to limit mailing checks.  If possible pay online or visit the vendor location to pay in-person.  TO learn more about "check washing" visit
    • Maryland State Police, Barrack "U" informed members  about fliers advertising  GEEK SQUAD services  but the contact information is fraudulent.   The scam has residents thinking they are purchasing services from a reputable company, they share information and purchase services only to find out it's a scam.  In this case, the victim is turning over their computer and information is stolen. 
    • Catalytic converters continue to be stolen from vehicles.  Be alert and report any suspicious activity. 
  • March 2022
    • Maryland State Police, Barrack "U" shared  information about a meat selling scam in the county.  A company is approaching residents selling meat and asking for payment in cash or check.  Once the purchase is made, the purchaser does not receive the product.  There's been one case in Calvert so far this year.   MSP is  working the case to see if there are other victims. 
    • Calvert County Sheriff's Office reminds everyone to be aware of IRS scams.  In addition, law enforcement reminded everyone that prom and graduation season will be here soon and celebrations/parties will be happening.   If residents should see or know of an underage drinking party, please report it to law enforcement.    The goal is to keep our youth safe and out of harms way. 
  • January 2022 
    • Maryland State Police, Barrack "U" shared  a phone scam where the caller is impersonating a law enforcement officer requesting the victim provide money for a friend/family member to be released from jail.  The caller is asking the victim to meet them with the money.   Callers are very convincing.  Law Enforcement requests that residents contact the local law enforcement ASAP should they receive such a call and never meet anyone you don't know to drop off money.  
    • Maryland State Police shared information about "Airtags" that are being placed on vehicles to track people.  Once known incident in the county.   The driver's iPhone alerted them that they were being tracked.  
    • Overall crime in Calvert County is down.   According to the Calvert County State's Attorney, Calvert has the lowest crime rate in the state. 
    • Surrounding counties are seeing an influx of "ghost guns".  Local law enforcement is tracking this issue.  


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