Who are the principals of Generation Properties and Westmoreland Partners?
  • Generation Properties is a commercial property management and development company formed by Eric Bailey, principal and sole proprietor, and Charles “Rick” Bailey, Jr., advisor, who previously ran the commercial division of Marrick Properties. Generation Properties continues to manage the commercial properties previously developed during their time at Marrick Properties in addition to providing third-party property management and construction services to other developers. They continue to develop and construct new commercial properties in Southern Maryland.
  •  Westmoreland Partners is a privately held retail real estate investment company formed by shopping center development and leasing veterans Howard Biel and Drew Gorman, who continues to direct the mid-Atlantic and Northeast business activities of ECHO Realty, based in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining ECHO Realty, both Dr. Biel and Mr. Gorman were Senior Managing Directors at Faison. At Faison, Westmoreland principals focused much of their attention on development projects in Southern Maryland including Calvert County, St. Mary’s County, Charles County and Prince George’s County.

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1. What’s planned for the property?
2. Who is the developer for the project?
3. Can you tell me what type of commercial development will take place – residential, restaurants, big box, medical, gas station, etc.?
4. How much square feet of development will fit there?
5. What is the economic impact of the project?
6. When will construction start and when will it finish?
7. Who are the principals of Generation Properties and Westmoreland Partners?
8. Whom can I speak with about the project?
9. Why doesn’t the county develop the project on its own?
10. Why was this property sold?
11. Why wasn’t it advertised for sale?
12. How was the price determined?
13. When was the old Calvert Middle School torn down?
14. What zoning changes are required?
15. There’s already a lot of commercial development taking place in Prince Frederick; how will this project tie into or take away from that development?
16. How will this project be undertaken while the Prince Frederick Town Center Zoning Ordinance is still being developed?
17. How will this project affect traffic and transportation?
18. How will public transportation fit in with the bus transfer station?
19. Will the Armory Building be part of the project? If not, what will happen to that?
20. Why wasn’t an RFP required to solicit input from other developers?