Request a Proclamation from the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners

  1. Please use this form to request a recognition signed by the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners.

  2. Please provide the name of the organization the honoree(s) are affiliated. If not applicable, please put N/A.

  3. If you are making a request for a proclamation for a birthday or condolence, kindly mention the date of birth or death of the individual. For all other types of requests, you may provide the date of the event.

  4. Please state the reason why the individual or group is being recognized. In the case of recognizing years of service or retirement, kindly specify the number of years worked or served. If it is for recognizing a birthday or anniversary, please be as detailed as possible.

  5. If you wish for a Commissioner to present the recognition at an event, please provide the event date, time, location and the expected time for the Commissioner to arrive for the recognition presentation.

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