Veterans Affairs Commission

  1. Overview
  2. Vision
  3. Mission


The Veteran Affairs Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners on programs, polices, and initiatives affecting the veterans of Calvert County.


  1. Board of County Commissioners shall appoint nine (9) voting members, each of whom has separated from the military service under honorable conditions. Of the nine (9) members: 
    1. One (1) member shall be an owner or operator of a local business;
    2. One (1) member shall be an educator or educational administrator; 
    3. Three (3) members shall be at-large; and
    4. Four (4) members shall be members of the American Legions within Calvert County, with one (1) member from each of the following Legions:
      1. American Legion Post 206;
      2. American Legion Post 220;
      3. American Legion Post 274; and 
      4. American Legion Post 85.
  2. The Board of County Commissioners shall designate the following non-voting members, who will be considered ex officio:
    1. The Director of Stateside Military Operations of University of Maryland Global Campus, or their designee;
    2. The Veterans Affair Coordinator of College of Southern Maryland, or their designee; and
    3.  A member of the Board of County Commissioners, or their designee

Members shall be appointed for 3-year terms and no Commission member shall be eligible to serve more than three (3) consecutive full terms.

For more information, refer to Resolution 13-21 Pertaining to the Creation of the Veterans Affairs Commission.

Open Meetings


  • Michael Wood, Chair, District 3 Representative
  • Jeffrey King, Vice-Chair, Local Business Owner
  • Matthew Blackwelder, District 1 Representative
  • Patricia McCoy, American Legion Post 206 Representative
  • Wilson Parran, American Legion Post 220 Representative
  • Michael Richardson, American Legion Post 274 Representative
  • Robert Sprecher, American Legion Post 85 Representative
  • Michael Sweeney, District 2 Representative
  • Dr. Brandon Temple, Educator Representative
  • Melanie Woodson, BOCC Representative

Ex Officio Members

  • Christian Zimmermann, M.A., M.B.A., College of Southern Maryland Veterans Affairs Coordinator