Restaurant Week Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calvert County Restaurant Week?

For eight days in March 2020, including one weekend, over 20 Calvert County restaurants will offer a special fixed-priced lunch or dinner. Tax, gratuity, beverages and alcohol are not included. Calvert County Restaurant Week 2020 showcases the inventiveness of local chefs throughout the county. At a range of locations, from neighborhood favorites to restaurants specializing in international cuisine, guests will savor the flavor of Calvert County’s eateries.

When is Restaurant Week?

Thursday, March 5 through Thursday, March 12, 2020 including the weekend between.

Should I make reservations?

Not all the restaurants participating take reservations, but if the restaurant you are interested in visiting does take reservations, we recommend making them early. When making a reservation, be sure you mention that you are visiting because it is Calvert County Restaurant Week.

How do I make reservations?

Call the restaurant directly. View the list of participating restaurants.

How do I know what each restaurant is serving for their fixed-price menu?

As the restaurants submit their menus to us, we’ll post them on our website. The list of menus will continue to grow daily so check back often to see what restaurants are participating and their menus.

Are all restaurants in Calvert County participating in Restaurant Week?

No, not all Calvert County restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week. Contact the restaurant to find out if they are participating or view the list of participating restaurants online.

Are all restaurants offering both lunch and dinner promotions?

Not all restaurants participating in Calvert County Restaurant Week offer the promotional menu at both lunch and dinner. Please contact each restaurant directly for menu details.

What if I don’t want to order off the special menu for Restaurant Week? Will restaurants offer their regular menus as well?

Yes, participating restaurants have created special menus for Restaurant Week; however, they will still offer their regular menus during this time.

How can I help spread the word to make 2020 Calvert County Restaurant Week a fantastic success?

Share links for Restaurant Week, a favorite menu or our website on social media with the hashtag #CalvertEats. The more you help promote these restaurants, the more they will be willing to support another event like this in the future. Support local business!

Please Note:

  • Restaurants reserve the right to NOT allow Restaurant Week promotions to be combined with other coupon discounts or promotions.
  • Prices and offerings are subject to change based on availability.
  • Tax, gratuity, beverages and alcohol are not included in fixed-price Restaurant Week menus, unless specified.
  • Please consider tipping wait staff accordingly.