Architectural Review Committee - Prince Frederick Town Center


The committee: makes recommendations to the Planning Commission on all new or remodeling of existing commercial, office, industrial, and institutional buildings.

  • all new residential buildings and additions to existing residential buildings visible from existing or proposed public roads.
  • remodeling of existing residential buildings visible from public roads if they are located within the Old Town District, Old Town Residential District, Old Town Transitional District or Fairgrounds District.
  • new signs and changes to existing signs and new fences.
  • changes to existing fences visible from existing or proposed public roads.


There shall be five members appointed by the BOCC, of which, at least:

  • One member shall have experience in architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban design, planning, engineering, or related fields
  • One member shall be an owner of a business located within the TC.
  • One member shall be a resident (within five miles) who is not connected with a business within the TC.
  • No more than two members may be from areas more than five miles away from the TC.

The term of each member shall be four years.

Open Meetings

  • Meets the second Monday monthly, 7 p.m.

Open Meetings Statement

  • The Prince Frederick Architectural Review Committee is in compliance with the Open Meetings Act - agenda and minutes are available at the Agenda Center.


Jessicca Gaetano, Planner I, Long Range Planning 410-535-1600 ext. 2338.